Waiting is always the hardest part


Maybe you could imagine some calming sounds.

- - -


An entrance
room or an exit corridor?
The use of the space is blurred
this door is blurred
luckily, it makes sense
luckily, they fit one another

"wait there,"

Two feet are visible
in front of the curtain
two feet on the floor
flat, underneath the soft door
a carpet on the parquet? don't want to damage those legs


The shoes containing the flat feet are now making their exit
they support a poised young Clare, laughing
or maybe a Frederica
laughing with some possible partner
who is following her through the doorway
who has stopped and seems to be waiting for their next appointment.

Watch some following feet, here

(2016) Invitation of Charlie&Mary to take the store as a stage for 24h Amsterdam Zuid. Performance of 10 min, background sound in loop during the afternoon. Featuring Laura Grool in her own role, or as Frederica. Humming and laughter: Georgia Haagsma. Photographs: Virginie Gauthier.

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