Side voice / side,

(enter the dealer)

There is a stain on the dress. ready, set, go. There is a stain on her dress. It seems to stick. It seems to enjoy itself here. Whose turn is it? It seems to stay, stuck. It has to leave, it must leave at some point. It must leave. It will leave. Turn? oh please, let me make this leave.
the hunt is on. It is time to take it. First, put the other one down.
She wanted to take part, and she is in now. But it turns out to be difficult to get out. This thing is stuck on her and she is stuck in it. Stuck in this round, stuck on this encircling ground. one, two, three, dead.
Wooden floor, carpet. carpet, wooden floor.
They seem to be at ease, poised. They know what they are doing, or at least, they know how to pretend to know what they are doing; and they are calmly ready, to catch any detail leaking from the other. They look, are looked, the word is useless here.
trash. flush. discard. No card desired here, anymore.
She is stony faced. It is impressive. Or bleak. It is at the border of the complete control and the simple sign of emptiness. She might not be there, she interacts here but she speaks over there, another somewhere.
begin. He never feels really comfortable. But he is relieved to be surrounded. It feels warmer.
cut. This one might be euphoric. Or is it a tic? There should be something. It is between the over-honesty and the over-self-satisfaction. An abnormal smile.
show us your hand.

Watch A Game of Kemps, here

(2016) Video, 6 min. With Gianmaria Andreetta, Virginie Gauthier, Rosie Haward, Stefanie Rau.

Version played on the radio hosted by Ja Ja Ja, Nee Nee Nee, here

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