at least the bend, you can’t miss it

and it can’t miss you

Recent work by Nolwenn Salaün, with Sophia Dinkel & Mong-Hsuan Tsai.

Thursday March 14, 2019
Please arrive from 7:30 for 8pm
Be prepared for alternate entrance.

The non performative elements of the work remain on view
March 15—17, 1400—1700 or by appointment.

(2019) Show and performance at Bologna.cc, Amsterdam. Thanks to Ivan Cheng and César Brun for filming the performance, and to Ellen Vartun for opening her door.
Sound and photographs: Elbows (2018). 6’55", stereo, recorded around the Montserrat mountain (ES), its surface and undergrowth. Voices: Paola Caballero, Duncan Gibbs, Anna-Maria Hällgren, Elana Jacobs, Sven Popović.

© Nolwenn Salaün, 2015—2021